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Danish Humanitarian Assistance to Refugees and Internally Displaced People

16.09.2015  14:45
Denmark is in the global top-five in humanitarian assistance to victims of conflicts


Denmark is the tenth largest government donor to humanitarian assistance – and the 4th largest in per capita terms. Between 2010 and 2014, we provided almost Euro 1.2 billion in humanitarian assistance. The budget for 2015 currently stands at Euro 235 million, equivalent to almost 13 % of our development budget.

It is a particular priority for Denmark’s humanitarian assistance to address complex challenges related to displacement and forced migration and to strengthen the protection of refugees and internally displaced people and to find durable solutions for refugees and IDPs as the ultimate protection goal. This is, for instance, reflected in almost 150 million Euro being provided to Syria and other affected countries in the region during the past 4 years. Similarly, significant levels of funding have been provided to humanitarian response in and around Afghanistan  (120 mill. Euro during the period 2010-15), Somalia (107 mill. Euro), South Sudan (117.5 mill. Euro), and Mali (27.5 mill. Euro).

Denmark is supporting innovative and long-term work in protracted crisis situations, e.g. in Afghanistan and Somalia, in order to promote durable solutions for refugees and IDPs.

Denmark is a strong supporter of global initiatives to improve strategies and methodologies in supporting lasting solutions for displaced people, e.g. by co-chairing the Solutions Alliance, along with UNHCR, UNDP, IRC and Turkey. The alliance is an international network of affected government, donors, UN- organisations , and NGOs that share the objective to improve the response to protracted displacement situations. It was founded at a Round Table in Copenhagen in April 2014.