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Economic development, the fight against corruption, and good governance focus areas at the London Conference on Afghanistan

09.12.2014  13:41

The Danish Minister for Trade and Development participated in the London Conference on Afghanistan together with colleagues from 61 countries and representatives from 23 international organisations.

The conference on Afghanistan was the new National Unity Government’s first major meeting with the international donor community. Here they presented their reform agenda with a focus economic development, the fight against corruption and good governance. The reforms will be part of the Tokyo agreement between Afghanistan and the international community from 2012, the Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework. Here Afghanistan committed itself to deliver progress within a number of areas in exchange of comprehensive international support.

“I note with satisfaction that the new Afghan National Unity Government has a focus on economic development, the fight against corruption, and good governance. The new Afghan unity government now has to follow up on its promises with concrete action, providing reforms and results in good governance as well as the fight against corruption to the benefit of the Afghan population, who is amongst the world’s absolute poorest”, Mogens Jensen has previously stated.

At the conference the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation also met with representatives from Afghan civil society organisations in order to discuss their reform recommendations to the Afghan government and the international donor community.

The Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation stated before the conference:

“The civil society organisations play a central role in Afghanistan. They can help from the agenda for development in the Afghan society, they can apply pressure to ensure that the necessary reforms are implemented, and they have an important role as a watchdog holding the government accountable to its policies. It is for these very reasons that we going ahead will continue to support the work of the Afghan civil society organisations, and I look forward to hear their perspective on both Afghanistan’s development and challenges.”

At the London Conference the Ministers agreed on a communique which reaffirmed the broad partnership between the international society and Afghanistan, building on the mutual commitments set out in the Tokyo Agreement from 2012. The London Conference was arranged by the United Kingdom with Afghanistan as a joint host. President Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister David Cameron led the conference, where also CEO (Prime Minister) Abdullah Abdullah participated. The conference was as first step towards a revised Tokyo Agreement, which is expected to be approved by mid-2015.

Denmark will support Afghanistan with 530 mio DKK annually from 2013-17. This makes Afghanistan the biggest recipient of Danish development aid.