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Gender Equality Training for Staff of Afghan Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs

11.04.2016  13:37

At the request of the Afghan Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs the Danish Embassy in Kabul has undertaken training on Gender Equality for 26 participants from the Ministry’s different directorates. The half-day training was undertaken at the office of the “Danner Afghanistan” in Kabul. Danner Afghanistan is a direct partner of “Danner Denmark” an International NGO, and is undertaking a Danida funded programme on strengthening responses to violence against women in Afghanistan. An important part for the programme includes a close cooperation, among others, with the Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs.

The Danish Embassy’s Senior Programme Officer for “Good Governance”, Mr. Nazar Ahmad Shah, delivered presentations on the topic in local languages i.e. Pashto and Dari.  Mr. Shah, who is the Embassy’s focal point on human rights and gender programmes, took the point of departure in the Danida Gender Equality Toolkit, and gave an introduction to the importance, the relevance, as well as the usefulness of the concepts.

The training was well received by the participants, and involved lively and important discussions on how the issue of Gender Equality can be accommodated in the broader work of the ministry. Drawing on the presentation and the discussions, the participants found that in principle, there are no contradictions between Gender Equality and Sharia. Another interesting finding that came out of the sessions was that gender equality is not only about women but also about men – bringing with it a new dimension of relevance of the theme. The very active participants emphasized the importance of the continuation of such unique trainings and learning events.