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New course from Afghan government - Abused women need protection

10.10.2017  08:49

The Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan now recognizes the establishment of the Women Protection Centers (WPCs) in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Ministry of Haj and Religious Affairs wrote in an official letter to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and key civil society organizations that the establishment of WPCs is a “dire necessity”, as the internal conflict in Afghanistan has attenuated modesty and dignity in the country. Had it not been for the WPC, the risk of honor killings and severe domestic abuse would be high, writes the Ministry.

This could potentially imply that WPCs may work more easily in order to provide protection services for female survivors of domestic violence sooner.

This announcement is a major recognition of Afghan WPCs, but also of Danner and our cooperation to support the Afghan WPCs for the past six years, says Lisbeth Jessen, Director in Danner.

The letter for the first time recognizes the suffering of abused women and their right to protection. Danner’s Afghan project manager, Wahida Salaam, believes that this gives new hope for abused women. She adds that the abused women in Afghanistan are still extremely challenged in society, and she hopes this recognition could lead to better cooperation between state and the civil society on affirming that domestic violence is illegal and should be combatted from a political level. 

The Danish Embassy in Afghanistan welcomes the statement from the Afghan government as an important step to secure women’s rights.


The Royal Danish Embassy in Kabul has been providing financial support to the work of Danner office in Kabul since 2011 with a total amount of DKK 10 million. 

For More information, please contact:

  • Project Coordinator, Wahida Salaam,, +93 7979 25078
  • Senior Communications Advisor, Henriette Winther,, +45 3078 5862
  • Head of Development, Royal Danish Embassy, Dr. Natalie Hicks,, +93 797 888 118