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Finalization of Education Bilateral Programmes

04.04.2017  10:27

Twelve years of Danish bilateral support to the Afghan education sector has come to an end. The support continues, but the way it is done has changed. This is a good moment to take stock of the results Denmark has contributed to and the three reports below represent these findings:
The report Study on Achievements of the Danish Bilateral Education Support Programmes to Afghanistan 2003-2015 summarises the overall achievements in the broader education sector, including school construction, curriculum development, textbooks printing and distribution, teacher training and education administration. This report is complementary to the full evaluation that was done in 2012 Evaluation of Danida support to the education sector in Afghanistan 2003 - 2010.

Two reports Inspection of 14 Schools Construction and Verification of Danish‐funded Educational Infrastructures under the Danish Bilateral Education Support Programmes to Afghanistan 2003‐2015 (Annexes) zoom in on  the Danish-funded schools and educational facilities. By visiting 64 schools, the verification studies cover a share of 20% of the urban, semi-urban and rural sites in all provinces that have benefitted from the Danish assistance.
Denmark continues to support the education sector through the World Bank managed Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund. This ensures continued Danish investment in the sector, good donor coordination and alignment with Afghan priorities.