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Denmark participates in Regional Economic Conference and Senior Officials Meeting on Afghanistan

08.09.2015  11:25

The Danish Embassy would like to congratulate the Afghan authorities on two well-organised meetings which left foreign delegations with a clear picture of a highly professional Government wanting to take responsibility and ownership of the development of a better future for Afghanistan


On September 3.-4th, Mr. Uffe Wolffhechel, the Ambassador of Denmark to Afghanistan, participated in the 6th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA). The conference was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aimed to spark trade and investment in Afghanistan. A supplementary trade fair took place in the gardens of the Ministry, where a number of Afghan companies displayed local products and craftsmanship, including domestic appliances, herbs and diverse artistries such as marble-refinery, textile design and saffron ice-cream.


The RECCA was followed by a Senior Officials Meeting at the Presidential Palace on 4.-5th of September. By popular way of speaking, the meeting constituted a ‘homework-checking’ exercise for both the Afghan government and international donors ahead of the next big ministerial conference on Afghanistan, which will take place in Brussels. The need for economic growth and job creation was among the top priorities of the Government along with good governance, combating corruption, improving education and developing the private sector. In his opening statement, President Ghani highlighted the importance of human rights especially women’s rights and the need for a vibrant civil society and free media. The President also urged both donors and the Government to keep in mind that “legitimacy is based on delivery”.


For Denmark, the SOM consolidated working modalities and focal-areas in bilateral engagements through the Afghanistan Country Strategy and the Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Programme, which guide the delivery of approximately USD 80 million of Danish development assistance to Afghanistan each year. Denmark was represented by Mr. Erik Laursen, Head of Department for Asia, Latin America and Oceania at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Ambassador Wolffhechel. The conference statement presented by Finland on behalf of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands can be found below:

Nordic+ Statement

Statement translated in Dari


Danish Ambassador enjoying a saffron ice-cream from Herat after discussing Afghanistan’s commercial potential with local entrepreneurs at the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan