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Legalization in Afghanistan

The legalization of documents can be made by the Embassy.  In order for the Embassy to legalize any documents you must provide the following:

1) A translation of any document not written in English.
2) Both the original document and the translation must be attested legalized by the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
3) The fee is 36 USD per Stamp.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Consular Affairs
Legalization Division
Turabaz Khan Road
Tel: +93 (700 104 332)

Please note that the Embassy can only legalize that this is a true copy of the document presented to the Embassy.  The Embassy’s legalization is not verification of the contents, or of the authenticity of the document.  However, the Embassy can confirm whether it is the true signature of authorized signatories by the Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Appointment  must be booked by e-mail prior to visit to Embassy at