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News about dual Citizenship

19.08.2015  09:19

On December 18, 2014, The Danish parliament voted to pass a law which will make it possible for Danes to become citizens in another country without having to give up their Danish citizenship. Persons who have lost their Danish citizenship by becoming citizens in another country will have the option to reinstate their Danish citizenship during a 5-year period from September 1. 2015 – August 31, 2020.

The embassy advises that persons wishing to obtain dual citizenship await the deadline of 1 September 2015, before an application is lodged, since the current law is still in effect until then. The State Administration in Copenhagen (Statsforvaltningen) will be the responsible authority for handling applications for Danish citizenship under the new law.

Please see the Ministry of Justice’s website for details about the new law:
(in Danish)
(in English)