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Robustness and Vulnerabilities to Corruption in DK Aid Funding Modalities in AFG

26.10.2017  12:18

The study has recently been conducted by the Chr. Michelsen Institute and the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Center  revealed that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Danish Embassy in Kabul have an impressive set of anti-corruption policies, guidelines and practices in place. The study provides concrete recommendations to strengthen Denmark’s ability to prevent, monitor and respond to corruption in development aid programming in Afghanistan.  To get the study report, click on the link below.

CMI Report

In the Study, the CMI developed three sets of recommendations i.e. two to the Royal Danish Embassy in Kabul regarding internal risk and corruption management and in relation to their work with the larger donor community and national authorities in Kabul, and one to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.  While thanking the CMI for their work and their recommendations, the Royal Danish Embassy and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided a Management Response that defines the course of expected actions to implement the recommendations.  To get the details, click on the link below.

Management Responses to Recommendations