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Principles for the Danish engagement

Denmark has set out ten key principles for the Danish Engagement in Afghanistan 2008-2012.

  • The Danish efforts in Afghanistan are consistent with UN resolutions and as a fully integrated political, military and civilian engagement in accordance with the goals set out in the Afghanistan Compact, Afghan national strategies as well as NATO’s political-military plan and operational plan.  
  • The Danish efforts contribute to extending the Afghan Government’s authority to the entire country and, as an important precondition for this, to neutralising the Taliban and other militant groups by political, military and civilian means. 
  • The Danish efforts are implemented in close collaboration and coordination with the Afghan Government and key actors in the international community. 
  • Protection of civilian Afghans in connection with the Danish efforts is sought by means of, among other things, careful planning and dialogue with local actors.  
  • The Danish efforts support Afghan ownership, and capacity building is an integral element of all activities conducted in relation to the Afghan security forces, public authorities and civil society.  
  • The Danish efforts contribute to ensuring that the whole of Afghanistan benefits from the positive development, by ensuring that a substantial part of the assistance goes to the national development programmes, and by working to strengthen the link between central and local level.  
  • The special Danish development efforts are funded in the areas where the Danish contingent is concentrated, in order to ensure that the Danish political, civilian and military efforts in these areas are fully integrated.
  • The Danish efforts incorporate targeted support to the areas where large groups of repatriated refugees return.   
  • The Danish efforts in Afghanistan are to be focused and targeted. Denmark is a small actor in an Afghan context, but can make a difference by concentrating the efforts on a few selected implementation areas.   
  • The Danish efforts are planned flexibly with a view to ensuring ongoing adjustment to developments in the security situation and changing needs.