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Passports for applicants under 18

Every child must have his/her own passport. When applying, the child regardless of age, must be present in person accompanied by his/her parents.
Normal processing time is approximately 3-4 weeks. Passports are issued in Denmark.

Consent Statement
If you want to apply for passports for children, the consent has to be granted by both parents, if they share legal custody, or by the person who has sole custody. If there is only one holder of custody, legalised documentation for this must be presented.

Digital consent for a passport to your child
You can give digital consent for a passport to your child if you have a Danish CPR number and NEM-ID. Your child does not need to have a Danish CPR number. 

Give digital consent here  

Once you have filled the consent form and signed with your NEM-ID, you can print a receipt. We will also send the receipt to your digital mailbox (e-box). The consent is valid for 90 days.

Documents to submit upon renewal of passport:

  • 1 application form duly filled (please see link to the application form at the bottom of the page)
  • 1 new passport photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm).
  • Current passport.
  • The consent section on page 3 signed at the Embassy by both parents.
  • Parents’ Danish passport and ID-Cards with enrolment of child/children
  • Parents’ original Marriage Certificate (required only if the child was born before the 1st of July 2014, and if only the father is a Danish citizen). Notarized translation into Danish or English.
  • If there is a sole custody of the child, documentation to that effect must be produced, such as Separation/Divorce papers or Court Order.

Following documents must also be submitted if applying for the first time:

  • Original Birth Certificate where both parents names are stated
  • Certificate for Danish Citizenship

In case the passport is lost/stolen you should also submit the following documents:

  • Police report.
  • Photo-ID (if possible).
  • Declaration regarding the incident.

Please note, that the Embassy can always request further documentation if necessary.